Reflections on my Professional Experience

As fellow bloggers have suggested the last two weeks have flown with lots of ups and downs.

There has been the usual problems with technology not working as one would think it should or some plug not in right. There is also the planning decision that seemed great on paper but once implemented needed more thought. Like using the wireless keyboard for students to fill in the table on the IWB. The students loved it and I had seen this with a previous lesson that my mentor was facilitating as they listened to a poet via blackboard collaborate session. Where my planning let me down was what do the rest of the class do. There is only one keyboard to use at a time so one student is engaged. Solution on the hop. Get the rest of the class to write the table out in their books. Problem table would not come up all on one page. Solution via mentor feedback. Next time make your own table that will fit on one page of IWB.

I have had such a great mentor this time especially one that is very up to date with the use of technology.  To list a few things that the class does with technology. Ipads with educational games for students to use in free time and during maths rotations. Lap tops where at present they are making a animated ethical dilemma and learning heaps. As mentioned above joined a blackboard collaborate session with other schools and a poet in Melbourne. The teacher uses an app to divide the class into groups. Great! Quickly done. Can be printed off and good to  use when you need random groups. The mentor has set up an edstudio with the Learning Place where the students can access some activities. They also email homework journals directly to the teacher who regularly checks to see any problems the students may be having with there work. I have been so impressed. Even so with all this experience sometimes things do not work out as expected and it is great to see that we can learn through all these situations.

Well on with the final week and lots of teaching and preparing to do. Hope all my fellow bloggers find this final week inspiring.


I Met my Mentor

div about=’’>Teacher shows film to classroom, Grade 3 by Public Record Office Victoria, on Flickr
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Today saw me make it to my assigned school and meet my mentor.  I see some of my fellow bloggers have been to meet their mentors. A great experience although very short due to constants around NAPLAN testing and other commitments.

Oh how things have changed no more old projectors with reels of film to show the class. Now we have IWB, computers, iPads and much more. It was great to see a teacher that although she does not consider herself an expert in ICT is implementing a number of ICT within the classroom. The students access their homework via computer and yes they have checked to see that every child in the classroom has access to a computer and internet at home.

The students are also working on animating a presentation in Movie Maker for literacy. The classroom has a new IWB after the old one died.

There is a lot to get my head around. I have been looking at some sites to discover how to use the IWB. This one seems to have some good ideas.

Well good luck everyone as you head off to your professional experience.

Are computers taking over the world

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Well maybe not but as you will see in this article ‘Who needs teachers when computers can mark exams?, NAPLAN will be marked by computers.

I think it is a great idea for marking multiple choice to save time. The point to me though is will they really be able to see the individualization of the students when it comes to writing narratives?

I notice one of my fellow bloggers has thought along this line of NAPLAN testing where a surprising result awaits you.

Yes ICT are great and I do like the idea of having as many aids to running a smooth classroom but is this always the best?

How knowing about technolgy can help in the classroom.

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Yesterday I was at my school where I do voluntary work and my usual teacher was away so a relief teacher was there. It was great to see her mastery of technology. How she scanned with her phone a page from the text book, emailed it and then placed it up on the IWB for all the class to see. We have been told to be ready to think on our feet by having a list of ICT solutions and other ways on doing things for those emergency situations and I was please to see this in action today.

Well I am sure for many of you who regularly use apps on your phone this is already part of your skill set. I must admit I have used my phone as a dictionary and to look up information when I have been with the class  and it had been very helpful.  Oh yes I also used the phone last prac to time activities so it certainly comes in handy as well as take photos. I will certainly remember to use it as a resource with this coming prac. So here are some more ideas of how we can use the mobile phone in the classroom.


Well I made it through the cybersafety course with connect- ed. This has given me some great ideas and also valuable resources for teaching in the future.

I guess the main point for me is I can’t put my head in the sand. I need to know about the sites and tools students are accessing in order to understand the possible pitfalls and dangers of the technology.

This seems to be in line with my original idea. Technology is here embrace it. Now I would add know it and learn to protect you and your students.

my certificate

Positve- well at least I am going to try

23/365 Smartboard workshop by amyvmeck, on Flickr
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Last night I woke up feeling sick. Anxious about all that is ahead.  I do find it difficult not knowing where prac will be so that I can start organising and then there are all the other things that need to be done over this next couple of  weeks. So I gave myself a pep talk. There is no point worrying about the future it is not here yet today has enough troubles.

So then I started to think why am I doing all this. Well I want to be a teacher and the best teacher I can be. Which reminded me of a youtube clip that I watched when I first started on this teaching journey. So I thought I’d share it with you. I love this teacher’s style how she uses IWB to show the article to the whole class, scaffolds their learning so that they know how to write a summary of an informational text using metacognitve thinking out loud to the class. The students get to hear an example of how the teacher would summarize the section and then practice with their partners and articulate thinking with the teacher.

So I really want to be a teacher and that means one step at a time and remember to think of the positive learning experiences I had.

Video Games do they help?

After reading Natalie’s blog I really had to consider do video games really help improve brain function? It would appear so. I really like the end of the clip included in Nathalie’s blog where it points out if you just sit there playing you are not using those skills to succeed in life. Like all things there needs to be balance.

So I decided to take a look at what other articles say about video games and came across this article which lists several benefits but ends with

While video games have been proven effective in boosting a person’s intelligence, the key is to play these games in moderation!

So if  you like to play enjoy your leisure time but remember there is a real world out there where you can use your skills.


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